The Gerber College Plan

The Gerber College Plan Can Help You Save up to $150,000

The Gerber College Plan is a guaranteed college savings plan provided by The Gerber Life Insurance Company. 

The Gerber College Plan Is Safe!

The Gerber College PlanThe Gerber Life Insurance Company has been in existence for over 50 years and they provide a variety of high quality products to families with a primary focus on affordable life insurance programs for children – The Gerber Grow Up Plan, the Gerber Baby Contest and The Gerber College Plan a guaranteed college savings plan. The Gerber Life Insurance Company has built an excellent reputation for providing exceptional value and service to their customers and is one of the most recognized companies in the world.

Gerber College PlanThe Gerber College Plan provides you with a guaranteed payout anywhere from $10,000 to $150,000 based on the terms you select when you set up your college education savings plan.  You get to choose all of the terms including the length of time before maturity, the future payout and your fixed payment schedule.  All of the terms are fixed, you’re payments will never go up, and your cash available at maturity is guaranteed.  Plus you can use the cash for anything you want, not just a college education without any penalty. 

This is one of the best college savings plans available because the investment is safe and the return is guaranteed!  The Gerber Life College Plan is not speculative or risky since it is not tied to the  performance of the stock market. 


The Gerber College PlanThe Gerber plan is considered by many to be one of the best college savings plans available and has been extremely popular with both parents and grandparents interested in helping fund a child’s college education.  Having a guaranteed payout that can be used for any purpose is a great feature that gives you 100% confidence in the program.  You get complete flexibility and  there is no penalty if you decide not to use the money for a college education.  This allows you to create a personalized college savings plan based on your specific needs and goals.  If you need the money for college its there if not you have money available for anything you want. Gerber makes it simple for you with their online college savings calculator, you just plug in your child’s age, give them your email address and you get instant access to their online calculator that allows you to determine  what the monthly cost would be for different savings amounts and the amount of time you have to save.


This is how the Gerber College Plan Works!

The Gerber College PlanYou customize the Gerber college plan based on your needs.  It’s completely up to you, you can contribute as little as $30 per month or as much as $450 it all depends on your needs, and what you would like to contribute. The endowment life insurance plan allows parents, grandparents and friends the opportunity to choose how much they would like to save every month for the  college education savings plan.  Once the plan is set up the payment is automatic and your savings start growing, completely safe and with 100% guaranteed growth.

If You Start Saving Early You’ll Have More Money!

A College Education is The Best Gift Money Can Buy!

We all want our children to be happy and successful, that’s what parents and   grandparents do! But just wanting them to be happy and successful isn’t enough we need to take action and provide them with real opportunities to succeed.  Providing a college savings plan is one of the best things we can do for the children we love, here’s   why…

College Graduates have Better Job Opportunities and Have Higher Lifetime Earnings! 

Gerber CollegeThe average college graduate will earn approximately twice the amount of the average person without a degree!  Here are numbers as reported in the College Payoff a report completed by Georgetown University in 2009.  

On average:

  • A high school dropout can expect to earn $973,000 over a lifetime.
  • Someone with a high school diploma can expect to earn $1.3 million over a lifetime.
  • A worker with some college but no degree earns $1.5 million over a lifetime.
  • An Associate’s degree-holder earns $1.7 million over a lifetime.
  • A worker with a Bachelor’s degree will earn $2.3 million over a lifetime.

Graduate degrees confer even higher earnings:

  • A Master’s degree-holder earns $2.7 million over a lifetime.
  • A Doctoral degree-holder earns $3.3 million over a lifetime.
  • A Professional degree-holder earns $3.6 million over a lifetime.

College Is Expensive!

College education costs are high and they are expected to continue rising. In fact the College Board estimates that costs will increase around 5% per year.  They estimate that by the year 2026 the cost for a four year degree could range from $148k for a public institution to over $300K for a private university.  Of course your costs will vary depending on your location and the type of education and housing your child will want.

The Gerber College Plan is Easy and it’s Affordable!

college Savings planTo find out how simple their plan is just visit Gerber Life College Plan and use check out their online calculator.  It will take you all of about 30 seconds to access, just give them your email address and your age, then you will be able to see what type of guaranteed payments you can obtain through the Gerber college plan.  Their slide calculator allows you to instantly see what type of payments would be required for any benefit amounts from $10,000 up to $150,000.  For example if you want to save $30,000 for college and you have 18 years to save, your monthly payment would be around $110 per month.  To save $60,000 your payment would be around $220.

Considering most car payments cost more than this, the Gerber college plan is a great deal.

Advantages of the Gerber Life College Plan

The Gerber College PlanIn addition to complete flexibility, the Gerber Life College Plan the plans has several other notable benefits. One of the biggest and best advantages to the plan is that it does not have any stock market risk! The value of your Gerber life college plan does not change or fluctuate with current market conditions. Once you decide on the payment terms and the final cash out payment for your Gerber college savings plan it’s fixed and automatic. That means you don’t have to worry about the stock market or interest rates, your money is safe and will be there when you need it.  Another benefit is the ability to borrow money from the account for emergency purposes.  Since it’s your money, you can borrow against the cash value.  Of course you need to continue paying on the gerberlife college plan and you will have an additional loan payment, but this is a great safety net to have in case of an emergency.   The only disadvantage to borrowing from the your Gerber life college plan is that any loans not paid back at the time of maturity will reduce the amount of your benefit and in turn alters the amount available for your college funding.

The Gerber College Plan is Automatic and Worry Free!

Gerber College

When it comes to college education savings plans we think safety, guaranteed returns, company stability, reputation and customer service are what makes the Gerber life college plan so popular.


College planMost parents want a great future for their child or children and most parents want that great future to include a college education. With the current cost of college over $25,000 and expected to grow, parents understand that they need to start planning for their children’s college education almost as soon as they are born.  If they don’t create a college savings plan, then they run the risk of either not being able to afford college, or of having to rely heavily on borrowing student loans to pay for a large percentage of the educational costs.  Even though some financial aid may be available when your child is ready to apply for college, there is no guarantee!

What the Gerber Life College Plan does is provide you with a guaranteed solution that ensures money will be available for college.  Once you set up the plan its automatic, the payments are fixed, you get a guaranteed payout for college or for any other purpose and it’s not subject to the stock market, so it’s safe and you don’t have to worry about losing your money.   

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  5. To my surprise, my grandchildren’s parents have not saved any funds for the children’s college. I am interested in saving for my grandchildren’s college. Their ages are(2)9 year olds, 13 and a 14 year old. Is it too late to get the Gerber college plan, if not, is it going to cost me too much to be able to save for them.

  6. my nephew is due next month and i wanted to start a fund for him. am i able to start it for him or does it have to be his parents or grandparents?
    if so, what do i need to do?
    if not, is there any other plans that you know of that i may look into?

    • What a great idea, I don’t believe the plan is limited, If I were you go through the process of getting a free quote and then see if there any limitations. That way you will have a better idea of the costs as well. here’s the link The Gerber Grow Up Plan

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